Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Make a different work...

Today aku pergi training. Giler best training kali ni, first time rasa enjoy gile dgn input dari training tu. Have fun sgt! Esok lg sehari kne training.
Modul yg mmg berguna utk life aku. Before this mcm dh ada set goals utk future tp tak cukup. Suppose aku kne set goals yg lg besar dari tu. 
Now clearly aku nampak ape aku nk in mylife! Insyallah will strive for that. 
Set time, before reach 30 what suppose I should have then I need to work towards there. 
Belom sempat habis training, whatsapp masuk. Got some text that make me smile sampai sekarang yg dh lewat malam ni. Good to hear that words so many time till now.
Nov is not our month and we life to strive. But dec will come. Have a nice month nanti :)

After that seriously I realized that I'm happy today. Wake up, go n get a good motivation on that kind of training, have a delicious food for the whole day. Continue with a great dinner. My tummy was so happy. And I'm not to much thinking to the others. Just straight towards my dream with the person that I really want to be in my life. Hey u thank you for tonite! See u tomorrow :)